Service companies that are not established in Greece but deal with Greek businesses are usually subject to VAT and are required to comply with local tax obligations. 

Once registered, companies are required to submit periodic reports and make regular tax payments. Non-compliance or delay in compliance will result in penalties from the Greek audit authorities.

Integrated Tax Support needs to comply with the rules of Greek legislation. Accountwave’s aim is to ensure that your business is fully compliant with Greek tax law.

In addition, we will take care of all the necessary VAT registration and compliance actions, such as proper recording of transactions, timely completion, registration and payment of VAT, Intrastat electronic filing system, Sales Lists, etc.

Cases where registration is compulsory:

– Distance sales (where a net sales threshold of EUR 35,000 in the previous or current financial year is covered)

– Storage of goods abroad

– Storage of goods in warehouses, or stocks to be shipped to other EU countries for customers

– Conducting live conferences, exhibitions or training programmes, if there is paid admission

– Sales of fuel

– Real estate (construction, technical and administrative services, etc.)

– Construction, decoration and public works

– Sale and hire of equipment and installation

– Domestic sales and services

EU companies can register directly in Greece for VAT purposes, in accordance with Circular 1113/2013. The registration procedure is simple. Only one application is required, with no validation procedures.

Non-EU companies must appoint a tax representative who will provide the necessary documents.

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