In light of the changes in the international tax landscape and the imperative demand for transparency, exchange of information and compliance it can be presumed that Transfer Pricing is the most important tax issue on the agenda of the Financial Authorities.

Facing Transfer Pricing issues nowadays needs a central Transfer Pricing View, a central Transfer Pricing approach.

Our Transfer Pricing Solutions

Our team of capable advisors can :

  • Defend your Transfer Pricing Policy
  • Prepare the Transfer Pricing Documentation (local file, Master File)
  • Design and Implement the Transfer Pricing Model that suits to your Business
  • Review and Localize the Group Master File
  • Achieve compliance with each country’s Law in European Union
  • Intellectual Property advice and valuations
  • Benchmarking Analysis
Ενδοομιλικές Συναλαγές Ν.4972/2022 για τα κέρδη

Through our approach, taxpayers can minimize tax risks and achieve tax optimization through efficient Transfer Pricing Models.Taxpayers should be in a position to defend their transfer pricing strategy and consider both the tax benefits they can capitalize on as well as the overall design of their transfer pricing policy to limit their potential tax exposure. 

Taxpayers should:

  • be Aware of the new legislation and Transfer Pricing Risks 
  • Avoid situations and areas where both material and high risk transactions between related parties have taken place 
  • And always be Alert about new Risks, new chances and alternatives!!!

Our team of highly skilled professionals is willing to assist you achieve compliance through more efficient value chains. Accountwave Tsansfer Pricing team consists of economists, tax advisors and financial analysts dedicated to providing your company. 


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