Everything that’s needed from a Digital Nomad who intends to stay and work in Greece is offered by Accountwave Consulting.Greece is one of the most popular destinations for Digital Nomads, thanks to the country’s very good climate, the sea and the sun.

Our experience through our cooperation with companies abroad gives us the advantage to understand in depth the needs and requirements of Digital Nomads who come to work from our sunny country.

At Accountwave we support Digital Nomads from all countries by offering comprehensive residency and employment services in Greece.

Consulting, Legal and Tax Services to Digital Nomads

We provide you with all the necessary instructions and advice on how to prepare and what documents you need to bring to obtain a visa. We provide you with the necessary information about the digital nomadic visa, how to apply for it and how and when to apply for a long-stay visa if you meet certain criteria after the visa expires.

After obtaining a Residence Permit in Greece we take care of:

– Opening a bank account

– Tax support

– Legal Support

– Insurance support

– Complete Business Consultancy Support