In a constantly changing tax environment, valid and timely information on tax legislation is a competitive advantage for modern business.

Nowadays, the tax legislation, in an attempt to reconstruct the current regime, is constantly changing, with the result that many companies are either burdened with higher taxes than they are due, or have to deal with unforeseen situations such as fines and surcharges.

Accountwave offers clients a broad range of fully integrated tax services in Greece

With absolute knowledge of tax legislation, our office focuses on the needs of each business individually, creating a tax planning that enables correct business decisions.

The purpose of the tax plan (tax planning) – as part of a company’s overall business strategy – is to avoid tax risks and to take the greatest possible benefit from the tax prospects.

Professional tax management involves careful scrutiny of every corporate transaction and determining the tax consequences at an early stage.

At Accountwave Consulting we serve our clients’ interests in the best way by incorporating each change in a way that will be beneficial to all of us.

Indicative tax services provided:
• Business tax support according to your field of activity
• Drafting and submission of tax returns
• Handling of tax audits and pending matters
• Strategic tax planning taking full advantage of the possibilities provided by the legislation
• Corporate tax compliance
• Tax audit of the company that will be the object of absorption or acquisition.
Transfer Pricing / documents documenting intra-group transactions