Our office in Athens, provides thorough and reliable accounting services to businesses and organizations regardless the legal matter and velocity.

Based on our experience and  knowledge, we provide the businesses interested in working with us, punctual and accurate information as needed.

For us in Accountwave Consulting every business is unique with different needs and prospects. In a constantly changing working environment, businessmen (women) are required  daily to face inevitable challenges, and at the same time take advantage of opportunities that are  represented in order to maintain the development of their business.

At Accountwave we combine our resources with those of our customers and we create a complete accounting portfolio.

We adjust our services in a way that the best possible service is provided for accurate results in the ever changing legislations,with the purpose making the best decision in order to expand your business.

Indicative Accounting Services in Greece
– Accounting support for businesses in our office or yours
– Business accounting support at our offices or at the company’s offices
– First installation and organization of new accounts
– Organization and supervision of business accounts
– Intermediate financial results, accounting analyzes and Reporting
– Processing transactions with the State (D.O.Y., Insurance funds, GEMI, Chambers)