The first thing that a entrepreneur thinks about in order to setting up a business in Greece is the type (legal form) of the business he will establish.

Our accounting & tax office enables every interested party to examine all the possibilities provided by the existing legislation, so that we can choose together the most correct legal form of business based on
the activity and the tax burden.

Accountwave Consulting cooperates with companies from all over the world who wish to establish a business in Greece.

Through comparative presentations, we give you the possibility to correctly choose the legal type of your business, as well as to choose the conversion of your business from the existing legal form to another (e.g. Conversion of OE to IKE).

The right choice of corporate type is an advantage for the modern entrepreneur and enables him to operate seamlessly to achieve his goals.

The experienced staff of our office are at your disposal, with responsibility and integrity to draw up your next business plan with you, taking advantage of the possibilities of financing through NSRF, Development Laws provided by Greek and European legislation.

Indicative services provided for the establishment of Businesses in Greece
• Establishment of businesses ( Sole proprietorship, OE., EE. , IKE, AE.) by natural persons
• Establishment of businesses (OE., EE., IKE, SA.) by legal entities
• Establishment of branches of foreign companies in Greece
• Establishment of companies in Greece by foreign legal entities
• Establishment of Sports Limited Companies
• Conversion of legal form of businesses
• Interruption of operations of natural and legal persons
• Representation for the transactions of establishment and cessation of operations to the public bodies involved.
• Collaboration in the drafting of subsidy files through NSRF, Development Laws.

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