Both a natural person and a company can be involved in the process of carrying out a tax audit. The criterion of the complexity of a taxpayer’s affairs does not constitute a factor to avoid a tax audit. Many audits are also carried out on a sample basis.

The importance of tax controls for the state is shown by the fact that they are the only means of suppressing tax evasion, both for direct and indirect taxes collected by the state.

A tax audit is a time-consuming process and sometimes taxpayers accept the final tax assessment in order to escape from such a process.

Accountwave Consulting is able to provide comprehensive services to individuals and legal entities regarding the issues that may arise from any audits carried out by the competent Public Financial Services, the Centre for the Control of High Wealth Taxpayers and the Greek Financial Crime Unit.

During the process of a tax audit, the staff of our accounting-tax office, in cooperation with legal advisors specialized in tax law, provide all the necessary guidance required for each case we undertake.

After the completion of the procedure and the adoption of any final tax assessment acts, in cooperation with our experienced legal advisors in tax law, we undertake the drafting and submission of appeals before the Dispute Resolution Directorate.

Indicative services provided:

  • Tax audits and settlement of outstanding taxes
  • Provision of Tax Technical Services during the tax audit
  • Deposits tax audit
  • Tax control of related party transactions (intra-group transactions-transfer pricing)
  • Providing legal support, in cooperation with lawyers specialized in tax law, to deal with complex issues of a tax audit
  • Provision of services for the drafting and submission of appeals before the Dispute Resolution Directorate, through our legal advisors – partners.