Issuing and managing a company’s payroll requires a very good knowledge of labor and insurance legislation.

Payroll services for businesses is the process of managing employee pay and insurance contributions. This may include issuing payroll, calculating contributions and administering benefits.

Payroll services at an accounting firm Outsourcing payroll to an accounting firm is a popular practice at an international level and has now been established in our country as well.

Given that labor legislation is becoming more and more complex, payroll management by specialized partners is essential.

At the accounting company Accountwave Consulting, we offer payroll services to businesses based in Greece, as well as abroad.

Our services in payroll management are designed to meet the requirements of tax and labor laws, as well as the needs of the management and financial department of a company.

In addition to the specialized personnel in labor matters that we have, which is constantly updated with continuous training in labor and insurance matters, Accountwave has developed strategic partnerships with legal advisers specialized in labor law.

Our purpose is to provide full, immediate and valid information to our business partners for any change in the applicable labor and insurance legislation.

The use of the appropriate tools and information systems in state-of-the-art technology that we use
provides comprehensive management and information adapted to the needs of each business.

Aiming at the comprehensive coverage of the requirements of each business, we manage your payroll appropriately, organized and quickly.

Indicative payroll management services provided:

• Payroll calculation and processing of all necessary data
• Analysis of payroll costs according to the needs of the business
• Submission of all forms to the Labor Inspectorate in accordance with the requirements of labor legislation
• Submission of all recruitments – dismissals and changes to OAED
• Compliance with Collective Labor Agreements and harmonization with changes according to labor legislation
• Compilation and submission of Detailed Periodic Statements to the IKA via the internet
• Registration with EFKA during the 1st start of employment of employees in the company
• Management of fees of Administrators (IKE, EPE, EE, OE) and fees of members of the Board of Directors of Joint Stock Companies