The Company

The accounting firm Accountwave Consulting was founded in 2011 by Mr. Serafim Paleokostas, First Class Accountant of the Economic Chamber of Greece.

During a difficult time for the Greek economy, we have managed to develop with methodical and tangible results, stable partnerships with clients across the economic spectrum.

At Accountwave Consulting we operate with responsibility, integrity and respect for our clients, as we know that they trust us with their business objectives and we seek for long-term partnerships with them,through the services we provide.

At a time when time is very limited and the flow of information moves at a very fast pace, we stand by our partners to help them to fulfill their main goal, the profitability of their business.

We provide comprehensive accounting and tax support services, as well as consulting services in a direct, dynamic and effective manner.

Based on accurate and timely information as a strategic advantage for the modern professional, we have created services that are efficient and oriented to the needs of each client.

Our goal is continuous growth, offering our clients high quality services, which actively contribute to the formation of the desired results for their businesses.

Services we offer:

Accounting Services

Tax Services

Payroll issuing and management services

Setting up a business in Greece

Tax Audits of Individuals & Legal Entities

Accounting Services for Digital Nomads in Greece

VAT services in Greece